Connecting Through COVID

Connecting Through COVID looks at how people have reached out to help on another and stay connected during the pandemic. Students in Indigenous Studies 390 at First Nations University of Canada reached out to people in the community, including a group of women did a beading project together online, a volunteer who delivered food to urban members of her Nation, and a northern broadcaster tasked with translating medical information into Cree. They also heard about the special challenges faced by an emergency room nurse, a child and family services worker and a youth care worker. The podcast first aired on Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation on Dec. 5, 2020.

Producer: Arisha Nazir
Writer: Nathan Mckay
Editor: Joanne Ten Brink
Hosts: Logan Oakes and Arisha Nazir
Music and Sound Editor: Lori Deets
Journalists: Shannon Avison, Dorothy Baadi, Lori Deets, Nathan McKay, Arisha Nazir and Joanne Ten Brink
Poster design: Joanne Ten Brink with art by Ruth Cuthand
Music: Ho Way Hey Yo, Six Nations Women Singers

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