Media star power launches INCA 2020

Photo: Podcast producer Connie Walker is one of several nationally known journalists who will greet new students on Monday.

The first ever online INCA Summer Institute will open on Monday with the help of some media star-power.

Some of the top names in Indigenous journalism will reflect on an extraordinary year for journalism that has tested the limits of reporters and the organizations they work with.

An afternoon guest panel, titled ‘What the &*$#! Just Happened?’, will feature Mervin Brass of CBC North, CTV’s Nelson Bird, freelancer Martha Troian, Gimlet Media’s Connie Walker, Eagle Feather News founder John Lagimodiere, and long-time media organizer and publisher Bert Crowfoot of the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society and

“From Day 1, students will have a chance to learn from the best about the role journalism plays covering major events like Covid-19,” said INCA coordinator Shannon Avison.

“The panelists were all in the students’ shoes at one time – just learning their craft and soaking up knowledge from veterans. Students will have a chance to ask for tips on getting the most out of the INCA experience.”

Switching to an online format hasn’t dimmed the quality of presenters at the 2020 Institute, Avison said. “We will be taking full advantage of today’s technology to keep sessions interactive and inspiring. Ten years ago this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Students at home will learn from instructors from coast to coast to coast. Within seven weeks, they’ll be publishing online news and radio and video broadcasts for Missinipi Broadcasting Corp. and their own website, INCA News (

“From Day 1, students will have a chance to learn from the best.”

Shannon Avison, INCA coordinator

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